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Meet your new training partner

Better Coaching is the training partner you always dreamed of. Here you get, among other things, inspiration for the daily training and help to plan a periodization specific for the players' current level on the team


Create the perfect training environment

We have removed all the hassle of coaching so you can focus on developing the players.

Drill Bank

Get access to a complete drill bank with drills for all age and save your own drills here. 

Week Plans

Create and share weekly training plans with players and coaches. 

Drill Generator

Get access to our intuitive drill generator and draw and animate your own drills.  


Create your own groups and communicate with coaches and players. 


Define the tactics and game phases whether it is 11v11, 8v8 or 5v5.

Player module

Overview of the players and the possibility to create individual training plans and goals. 

Year Plans

Create age specific year plans with weekly focus points


Possibility to create the tactic periodization plan 


Decide the intensity of each training session. 


Guides for technical skills, drills and games. 


Club or team specific news or informations 

My files

Keep track of your files and shared files. 


Complete overview of statistics for the platform, user access, and platform usage. 


Create team specific videochannels and upload your video content here.


Want to join our game?

Upcoming functions

New functions dribling in


Scouting and recruiting of external and internal players. 

Activity Calendar

Total calendar and overview of the club and team activities.