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To better training of children and young people

Our vision

We want to improve training and make it more inspiring to children and young people so that they experience the happiness with sports and stay longer in the sport.

Our mission

We want to remove all the hassle of coaching by offering tools to plan, streamline and optimize the quality of training. That way, coaches can focus on developing the players both on and off the pitch.

Even in the smallest village in Denmark, there is a sports club that gives children and young people the opportunity to play sport. Some of these clubs are run by trained coaches, others with the help of parents and unpaid enthusiasts who are passionate about making a difference. It provides a great unity in the clubs, but it also presents some challenges. How do you qualify a voluntary coach to give children and young people a good and qualified training?

At Better Coaching, we have an ambition to raise the quality of training in the country's football clubs. Big as small. Because if we want to keep the young people in the sport clubs and develop better players, the clubs must be able to offer a better and more inspiring training. The key to that development lies with the coaches.

Our goal is for children and young people to have the opportunity to receive the same qualified and inspiring training - regardless of whether they live in Copenhagen or Karise.
We are ready to kick off. We hope you want to play along.
Better Coaching.